Welcome to GEOTip
GEOTechnical Information Platform
We are delighted to welcome you to the new knowledge and e-learning platform created by group of the Chair of Geotechnical Engineering at ETH Z├╝rich.

Our goal is to provide an informative and entertaining GEOTechnical Information Platform (GEOTip) supported by an extensive knowledge databank that will interest and reward both our 'students' and 'surfers'.
Material is presented in a graphic fashion using multi-media (text, pictures, animations and videos), with explanations and a glossary, and in two languages too (for now).... and GEOTip can offer more too! Within an integrated e-learning platform, courses in Geotechnics can be taken within a formal study programme, or for Continuing Professional Development.

The Institute for Geotechnical Engineering (through Prof. Dr. Sarah Springman) at ETH Zurich has been engaged in the ongoing development and application of e-learning platforms since 2001 to accompany undergraduate lectures. The original platform was called CALICE (Computer Aided Learning In Civil Engineering), developed initially with the help of the University of Western England through Dr Les Davison and supported by ETH World funding. CALICE was continually enhanced and has now been completely integrated in this exciting next generation platform, generously supported by the Rector's FILEP fund for the improvement and modernisation of teaching materials and methods.

Many thanks to the representatives of Filep fund. This platform would never have existed without their financial support.